December Favorites


December is such a crazy month that it is hard to narrow down all the amazing products that I was able to try. Some of these products I am recommending, I received as gifts or samples from my company, while others I purchased for the first time. With all the events I had going on, I really didn’t get to read or watch movies very much, however, I did manage to get a few recommendations on my list for you to check out.

Active Hydration Serum $108.00

enhefg1-enhancements-active-hydration-serumI don’t know about where you live, but it has been miserably cold the past few weeks. Usually, my face gets chapped around my nose and cheeks in cold wind and dry heat. Fortunately, I have been using Rodan + Fields’ Active Hydration Serum and I have not had an issue even though it’s like 20 degrees colder than normal! Love this stuff.

DearLove Casual Dolman Sweater in Khaki $29.99

I bought this sweater for myself with my birthday money in November and it has quickly become a staple in wardrobe. I was pleasantly surprised with this purchase quality because with Amazon purchases, you never know. It’s thick and soft and much larger than expected, so get your normal size. It looks great over leggings and with boots! I may get a few more in different colors. Highly recommend.

The Walled City by Ryan Graudin $6.75

I’ll be doing a full review on this book later, but it is fantastic. It’s based on a real place that existed in past: a walled city in China where all the criminals and vagrants were sent to live. The characters are fictional, but their stories are very real. There are 3 main characters that face various problems from human trafficking, drug dealing, homelessness, murder, sex trade, starvation, etc. Graudin has such intricate storytelling skills that you feel very much a part of this harrowing story. 4.5 stars!

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo $3.59

Okay, so I’m super lazy in the mornings and this dry shampoo saves me almost daily. It also helps keep my hair styled all day. My curls don’t fall out as fast and it keeps the static out when I straighten it. It’s been a life-saver over the winter months and the crazy event days where I am running around like a maniac. Plus it smells good. Win Win!

Babeyond Faux Fur Scarf $19.99

I bought this faux fur scarf to do with my Gatsby New Years dress. It looked super cute and I got a lot of complements. It has an opening so you can cross the scarf without having to tie any scarf knots, so it lies pretty flat. But I have also discovered that it also looks cute with everyday outfits, especially white or cheetah print. Yes it is ridiculous. Yes people stare. But in my humble opinion, those are good things. Live your best life!

Organic Dog Treats/ Teeth Cleaners $9.99 (Kroger)

Dog Treats, Dog Chews, Dog Dental Treats


My dog loves these things! They smell pretty good (minty) and they don’t have any weird ingredients listed on the package. I was never fond of the Greenies because they were the right size to get stuck horizontally in her mouth, which happened TWICE. These are designed like a giant toothbrush with a really fat end so that can’t happen. She’s super happy and so is her mama!

Alias Grace on Netflix (book $13.56)

If you like Historical Fiction or Murder Mysteries, then this limited series is for you! The premise is: a young servant girl in the late 1800’s is found guilty in several gruesome murders. Only she doesn’t remember them. A psychiatrist takes an interest in her case and decides to use her memory issues to test new techniques in triggering her memory and possibly granting her freedom. Of course it was based on a Margaret Atwood book! I was addicted to this show and watched it in 1 DAY. So good! Have you seen this one?


Sunless Tanner $26.00

Tanning LotionThis tanner is amazing! I will probably do a full review on it at some point, but it certainly saved me from having to wear tights to cover up my pasty legs on New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t streak and doesn’t have that weird sunless tanner smell we’ve all become accustomed to dealing with. It works even better and lasts longer if you exfoliate before putting in on. By far, the best tanner I have used!



Well, that’s all I have for December, but I am already compiling a good list for January. Please like, share, and follow if you enjoy these posts or would like to see more! Thanks so much for being here!


*Some links may be affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission should you purchase through the link. All opinions are my own. Thank you for your support! 

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