Skin Care for a Flawless Face

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Amazing skin is not just for special events

When it comes to beauty, so many people completely ignore a decent skin care routine. Taking care of your skin not only prevents acne and dry skin, but also helps the appearance of your makeup application. Good skin care will prevent large pores that absorb foundation. It will minimize wrinkles where makeup can get trapped making you look older. Dry skin can cause your makeup to flake off during the day, and obviously oily skin can cause acne. So, why do we ignore our skin? Why do we spend $100 on eyeshadow but only $10 on face wash? Why not prevent most of the reasons we need makeup coverage for just a few dollars a day? Let me tell you exactly what process I use. I’m linking all the products that I personally use, but feel free to apply the steps to products that work best for you!

1. Cleansing Face Wash

Generally, I do all my skin care at night, so that is the routine that I am outlining here. The first step for me is to remove all the old makeup and grime of the day. I wash off with a very gentle and organic soap from Kiss My Face, then I remove the remaining makeup around my eyes, nose, and chin with Micellar Water from Garnier. After I feel like all the makeup is gone, then I wash my face again with Step 1 (Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash) of the Unblemish Kit from Rodan + Fields. Yes, I am washing my face again because the medicated skin care will not work as well trying to cut through old layers of makeup!



Acne Face Wash
Works like a dream for acne!

2. Toning the Skin

After cleansing, I use Step 2 (Clarifying Toner) of the Unblemish Kit. Toner tightens the skin and clears out the pores. It has a little bit of an alcohol burn, so I like to wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step (My fav!) The next step (3 days a week) is the AMP MD System from Rodan + Fields. This is a micro-exfoliating roller and renewing serum. I gently roll it over my face and neck for several passes. This system is great for wrinkles, sagging skin, large pores, and even scarring. Then use the renewing serum all over the area rolled. It feels great and makes your skin super smooth and silky!


Wrinkle Reducer, Scar Remover,
Skin Feels Silky Smooth!

3. Eye Care

The next step is to take care of the sensitive areas around your eyes. I recommend applying product around your eyes with a soft beauty blender or your ring finger, to make sure you don’t push too hard and damage the skin further.  I first use the Activation Bright Eye Complex from R + F to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Once it dries then I apply, the Redefine Multifunction Eye Cream for crows feet and eyelid sagging. Lastly, I apply one swipe of Lash Boost Serum to boost the natural growth and thickness of my eyelashes. This can also be applied to your eyebrows if you need a growth boost there as well.

Longer Lashes, Lash Extensions, False Eye Lashes
Natural Lash Extensions!

4. Acne Care and Moisturizing

Step 4 consists of finishing up Step 3 and 4 (Dual Intensive Acne Treatment and Oil Control Lotion) of the Unblemish Kit. Sometimes moisturizing can seem counterproductive, especially if you have acne, but it is important. Dry skin can also cause acne and acne treatments can also be extremely drying, so don’t skip this step! I have combination skin where some areas are dry and others are oily. So, I also like to use Organic Fields of Heather lotion after the oil control lotion, especially in winter when the cold air and dry heaters make my face dryer than normal.

Acne Care, Dry Skin Care
Love Your Skin!

5. (Optional) Advanced Lip Care

I don’t know about you, but I constantly have dry cracked lips. When I am having issues, I like to use a Organic Lip Scrub to take off all the dead skin. After that, I like to use  a Rodan + Fields Lip Serum Capsule overnight. It’s full of vitamin E and really keeps the cracking to a minimum. I also finding myself needing less chapstick throughout the day after using the serum.

Dry Lips, Cracked Lips, Lip Treatment
Love your Lips too!

Whew! That’s it! I know that seems like a lot of steps if you aren’t used to a skin care routine. But let me tell you how amazing my skin looks and feels these days, and I’m never going back to those days of going to bed with my makeup on! I look younger and feel more confident than I did years ago in my 20’s. Don’t take your skin for granted.

Acne Treatment

IF you would like to try Rodan + Fields please email me at or take the skincare quiz to find out which system is right for you click here. Or go to my website sign up to be a Preferred Customer (PC) to save an automatic 10%, and I will refund your $19.95 enrollment fee here.

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