Winter Wonderland Holiday Party Ideas

I love Christmas. I honestly do. The kids’ red and green construction paper rings, the half melted gingerbread house, and even the gift that has been rigged up with tape because the dog chewed the corner off.  But when it comes to holiday parties, particularly corporate events and galas, I just can’t with the red and green. The poinsettias are tired. I cringe at the Rudolph shaped cookies. AND Santa is not cute for a bunch of professionals. Come on people. We can do better.

Recently, I was brought in to dress up a trade show-like event. It was geared toward high end holiday shopping, so I decided to go with Winter Wonderland as the theme. Using thick, white, velvet pipe and drape with blue up lights really gave the room it’s whimsical feel. I used a gazebo as the focal point of the room to offset the line of booths. Ceiling decor and large flower arrangements really brought the room together. And don’t worry. I didn’t skimp on the Christmas trees. There were four!

Recreate your own Winter Wonderland with these!

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