Be the Life of the Party- 5 Holiday Looks


Christmas party season is upon us people! My season at work officially starts on Friday this week. We have about 25 events over the course of 3 weeks including a concert! It makes me tired just thinking about it. But more on that later. I have been in yoga pants all day not feeling my best, so I decided to share some of my favorite trendy holiday looks for this year. I really hope to get try some of these gorgeous styles.

1. Deep Velour Mid-length Skirt


Isn’t this darling with a simple shirt and heels? It feels really whimsical and festive with a hint of mystery. I mean she looks amazing! This would be perfect for an office party or even for New Year’s Eve!

Here’s something similar on Amazon:

2. Not-Your-Average-Jumpsuit Jumpsuit


I mean honestly, this is a power suit if I ever saw one. This is the style you wear to let everyone know you are the ultimate Girlboss. Total office party outfit. Get that promotion.

Something similar from Amazon:

3. Comfy Sweater Dress


I love this look, but then again I live in yoga pants. But in my mind, this outfit would be perfect for a family party, shopping trip, Santa Brunch, or even cocktails with friends. Its perfect paired with over-the knee-boots and Burberry scarves, of course.

Here is something similar from Nordstrom:


4. Add a little Sparkle Pants


These pants are so fun! I would totally wear these to parties at work. Dressing them down with a professional blazer makes them perfect for an office party or a night out!

Here is something similar from Amazon:

5. Vintage A-line Skirt


This look is so gorgeous and modest that it would be perfect for family gatherings, family photos, or a dinner with the in-laws. The 1940’s vibe makes her seem very put-together and elegant. Love it!

Here is something similar on Amazon:

What are your favorite holiday looks? And let me know if you like these types of posts. I would like to do some for makeup and accessories too! Talk soon!


* some of the links are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you buy through the link! Thanks for your support!

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