Don’t Miss These Black Friday Deals!


Yesterday I ate way too much food. I won’t say turkey because it’s not my favorite, but I certainly ate enough carbs for 4 people! To top it off,  I didn’t event get to nap. The husband and baby took my Grandma’s napping couch, while I ended up helping my mom with dishes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping, but I look forward to that nap every year! So, to lick my wounds, I’ve been doing some couch shopping today and have found some really great deals y’all don’t want to miss! These items would make great gifts for your loved ones or even for yourself… you know you deserve it.

1. Harry Potter Movie Box Set $23.99 on Amazon

That’s like 8 movies for the cost of 1! I don’t care which house you’re in, that’s super affordable and awesomely nerdy!

2. Silver Statement Necklace $26.99 from Stella & Dot

THIS! I’m in love. Dress this bad boy up or down. I’d probably sleep in it considering it’s a whopping 75% off!


3. Slouchy Knit Sweater $25.52 from Nordstrom

I’m about to live in this thing! There’s 5 colors so get 2 or even 3 at 48% off. ALL the moms will be jealous of your easy style at school drop off!


4. Skin Care System $20 rebate & 10% off from Rodan + Fields

Seriously, the best thing to ever happen to my skin! Not just because I am a consultant, but because it works. AND it makes my make-up work better. You won’t be sorry.


 5. Best Pro Vegan Eyeshadow in Shimmer or Matte $15.95 from Amazon

These two palettes will give you tons of looks all year! I can’t wait to try one and show you my experimental looks!


Let me know if you found any deals I should know about!!

*there are a few affiliate links where I may receive a small commission if you purchase the item through my link.

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