August Favorites

All The Things I Am Loving This Month And Where You Can Find Them Too.

Fashion, Beauty, Books, Celebrities

1. Persun Striped Cotton Romper $14.99

This super comfy romper is perfect to wear to late summer festivals, concerts, and parties. I personally wore it to Universal Studios and got lots of compliments on its open back. It also cinches at the waste and is not tight around the thighs. I give it two thumbs up for sure.

2. Alpine Swiss Ankle Strap Flip Flops $11.99

These strappy flip flops can be dressed up or down. They look cute with dresses and shorts. There are lots of color options but I chose white. The padding in the insoles makes them easy to wear for several hours without much trouble. Plus, the company donates shoes every time you buy a pair. So it’s a win win!

3. Physicians Formula Eye Liner $7.99

This eyeliner is my new favorite. It’s thick and doesn’t smudge easily. There is a little bit of a learning curve to get the shape you like but the eyeliner formula is worth taking the time learn. I wore this at work for almost 14 hours and it was still on thick and dark as if I had just put it on!

4. Red Rising Trilogy $27.97

I love this series. Currently, I am on book 2, and I am seriously looking forward to the last book. The world is so complex and layered. It’s a Sci Fi / Dystopian novel set in the future where humans have taken over much of the solar system. It uses Greek and Roman Mythology to explain the social structure that the characters find so authoritative and oppressive. Let me know if you’ve read this one. I’d love to talk about it!

5. Girlboss Series $11.16 (Book)

I started watching this Netflix series after reading Sophia Amorosa’s memoir #Girlboss. I binged watched this show over a weekend. Sophia the character is pretty cringe-worthy at times, but her work ethic and creative problem solving is inspiring. She doesn’t follow the rules, any rules, but she figures out how to use that to start a multi-million dollar fashion company. If you love fashion or want to start your own business, it is a must see and a must read.

6. Vintage Retro Cat Eyed Sunglasses $10.98

I bought these for my vacation without much expectation. They were cheap so I was just hoping they would make it through a week in Florida. But much to my surprise they are pretty fantastic. They fit well without hurting and are dark enough to keep sun-induced headaches at bay. I take them everywhere now, you might want to as well.

7. Harry Potter Themed Notebook $34.95 (set of 4)

House of Slytherin here. But they have all the houses available. This cute little notebook fits perfectly in my purse. I use it to write down ideas, notes, and lists. It has a pretty heavy duty cover with a band to keep everything intact. None of the pages have gotten bent up hanging out in my bag. It’s perfect for Harry Potter fans of all ages!

8. Synergy Kombucha $74.99 (per case)

This stuff has been a lifesaver lately. It tastes great and has natural probiotics from the tea being fermented. The cranberry flavor is my favorite, and it is a perfect substitute for carbonated drinks because it has bubbles. It also breaks up the monotony of water with some flavor without alot of calories or chemicals. Synergy is my favorite brand and has quickly become my go to beverage!

Let me know some of your favorites I can try in September!

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